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Gladiator Teeth Reveal Signs of Infant Malnourishment

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From: Secrets
»Headless Gladiators of York

Gladiator Teeth Reveal Signs of Infant Malnourishment

Short | 03:02

By all accounts, Roman gladiators were the rock stars of their day, performing in a packed coliseum to a crowd of thousands. But evidence suggests they experienced extremely malnourished childhoods marked with high levels of stress.


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It remains one of the grisliest finds in ancient archaeology: the skeletons of over 80 battle-scarred men, many of them ritualistically decapitated and then buried nearly 2,000 years ago in York, England. Who were these people? Now, after more than a decade, a team of archaeologists and scientists believe they've finally solved the mystery. Could this site actually be the largest gladiatorial cemetery ever found? Join us as we apply modern day technology to reveal the secrets hidden in these ancient bones and remains of the Roman Empire.

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