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Gelada Baboon Reacts to Being Cheated on With Fury

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Gelada Baboon Reacts to Being Cheated on With Fury

Short | 04:02

If a gelada queen doubts her king's influence, she'll happily play the field. But when she gets caught, it's up to the alpha to fight for what's his.

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In Africa's Simien Mountains, Braveheart is the undisputed king of his gelada family. For four years, he has fought off predators, kept the peace, and in return, has had his pick of potential mates. But now, his reign is under siege by a pack of marauding males, led by Braveheart's younger brother, Tiko, who has a score to settle. Witness this royal battle up close as we enter the most complex social structure of any animal except humans, one where women rule the roost and have final say on who sits on the throne and for how long.

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