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Survival in the Skies:

Footage of the First Martin-Baker Ejection Seat Test

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Footage of the First Martin-Baker Ejection Seat Test

Short | 02:50

Bernard Lynch was an engineer fitter at British aviation firm Martin-Baker. But his main claim to fame was as the fearless test subject for their signature invention: the ejection seat.

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The origins of the ejection seat began over a century ago and in that time, they have saved over 10,000 lives. But as new technology continues to push the limits of aviation, engineers are constantly tasked to find better ways to propel pilots to safety when disaster strikes. Witness the evolution of the ejection seat, from humble beginnings into one of the world's most sophisticated survival machines. It's a story told through rarely seen archival footage and accounts from those who designed the seats and those who owe their lives to them.

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