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Flying a Helicopter in a White-Out Blizzard

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»White Out

Flying a Helicopter in a White-Out Blizzard

Short | 02:03

Twenty-six years after he flew through white-out conditions on a rescue mission in the glaciers of South Georgia, Ian Stanley comes out of retirement to do it all over again.

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1982. The Falklands War. Three Westland Wessex helicopters drop Special Forces troops into the icy heart of South Georgia for a sneak attack on Argentinian forces. But the surprise is on them when plummeting temperatures and hurricane-force winds force the mission to be aborted. The three helicopters head back to rescue the troops, facing a driving snow that has them literally flying blind. When two choppers crash, it's up to an old, single-engine workhorse known as Humphrey, a chopper built for four, to somehow carry 16 men to safety.

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