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Air Disasters:

One of the Worst Situations a Plane Crew Could Face

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»Fire Fight

One of the Worst Situations a Plane Crew Could Face

Short | 03:54

During an Air Canada flight from Dallas to Montreal, deadly smoke begins to fill the plane's bathroom. With the lives of 41 passengers at stake, here's how the flight crew decided to handle the situation.


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    Sep 30
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A small mechanical problem in the back of a Toronto-bound DC-9 quickly turns deadly six miles in the air. As the cabin and cockpit fill with smoke, the crew desperately attempts an emergency landing. Against all odds, they successfully touch down, but 90 seconds after hitting the runway, the cabin erupts in flame, and 23 people still inside the plane are killed. See how this tragic end led to changes to make crews better equipped to fight fires.

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