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One of the Most Intense Aerial and Naval Bombardments

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One of the Most Intense Aerial and Naval Bombardments

Short | 01:52

During WWII, the 1945 attack on Balikpapan was described as "hell on earth" by those who witnessed it. This rare footage shows the epic scale of the assault, in which 3,000 tons of aerial bombs and 46,800 of naval ammunitions were used.


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When American troops joined the epic battle against the Japanese in World War II, a British journalist followed along, equipped with a movie camera, some rolls of color film, and a powerful friendship with General Douglas MacArthur. Follow the travels of war correspondent William Courtenay and his unrivaled reporting on the Pacific campaign and its great commander. Then witness his remarkable archival recordings, from multiple island attacks to the aftermath of the bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

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