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F-15 vs. Alien Tripod: Who Would Win?

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F-15 vs. Alien Tripod: Who Would Win?

Short | 01:49

In this web-only original short, we imagine what would happen if a 1,000-foot-tall alien tripod faced off with an F-15 fighter jet. Would the aircraft's state-of-the-art missiles be any match for this monster's powerful death ray?


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Meet the undisputed king of winged fighters, the F-15 Eagle. For decades, it's been the U.S. Air Force's weapon of choice when there's any real chance of air-to-air combat, with an undefeated record since its first combat kill in 1979. We reveal how this sleek, powerful jet overcame its skeptics to dominate the skies. Then we explore how it revolutionized the aviation world through rare footage and captivating stories from the pilots who flew into danger aboard this remarkable and resilient aircraft.

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