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A Cruise Ship Chef Hunts for Big Fish. Will He Succeed?

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»Europa 2

A Cruise Ship Chef Hunts for Big Fish. Will He Succeed?

Short | 03:03

As luxury liner Europa 2 docks into port, its chef de cuisine has a major challenge ahead: prepare lunch for his very discerning clientele, while also impressing his boss - whom he's meeting for the first time.

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Europa 2 is a cruise ship that's small in size but big on luxury, with 370 crew members tending to the needs of just 500 guests, and more space per passenger than any other cruise liner. This floating boutique hotel will do anything to ensure a one-of-a-kind experience to its guests, including letting them choose where the ship will go. Take a ride on Europa's very first "surprise cruise," where a vote will determine which ports they will visit over the course of 10 days in the Mediterranean--a daring concept with the potential for chaos.

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