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The Weapon Hunter:

Epic Footage of a Flamethrower in Action

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Epic Footage of a Flamethrower in Action

Short | 01:54

Flamethrowers, created to launch walls of fire long distances, are so dangerous, only few trained experts can safely fire them. Here, we unleash its power in a controlled test.

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The flamethrower is one of the most terrifying weapons in existence, capable of launching a 2,200-degree wall of fire over 100 feet. The U.S. military stopped using them in 1978, and today only a few remain, and even fewer can safely be fired. If host Paul Shull finds one, will he properly use it? Follow him as he calls upon the world's leading flamethrower experts on what could be his most dangerous quest ever. Then watch as he gets a firsthand lesson in how to fire the devastating machine that helped turn the tide of World War II.

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