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Engines Fail on Approach to Hong Kong

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»Deadly Descent

Engines Fail on Approach to Hong Kong

Short | 03:39

It?s April 13, 2010, and the captain of Cathay Pacific Flight 780 is at a loss: both his engines have stalled ? so how was the plane still approaching the runway over 100 miles faster than normal?

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Just twenty minutes from touching down in Hong Kong from Indonesia, a sudden engine malfunction transforms an airbus A330 into a 200-ton glider. The plane appears destined to ditch into the South China Sea unless the captain can come up with a better plan. Miraculously, he does. Witness the emergency landing of Cathay Pacific Flight 780, and hear from the pilots and crew who somehow found a way to beat the odds and save the lives of all 322 people on board.

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