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Electric Eels Carry All Their Organs in Their Heads

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Electric Eels Carry All Their Organs in Their Heads

Short | 04:29

Since the electric eel dedicates most of its energy into generating currents from its body, all of its organs are located in its head. As this zoologist demonstrates, when you open its mouth, you won't find a tongue.


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    May 02
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    May 03
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    May 08

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There is an electric grid submerged deep within the Amazon River, made up of a fascinating community of fish that have technological superpowers. Biologist Will Crampton ventures into this world, one which few have ever seen, on a mission to find, catch, and study electric fish. Armed with his own electric devices, join him as he uncovers the fighting style of the jaw lockers, the navigational skills of the knifefish, and the remarkable hunting technique of the electric eel.

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