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Diving with the Deadly Tigerfish

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Diving with the Deadly Tigerfish

Short | 03:47

In a search for the Goliath tigerfish in its natural environment, angler Andy Coetzee will have to brave croc-infested waters. Once he dives deep enough, he'll still have to outsmart its formidable camouflage.


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The plains of Africa have always been a hotbed of predator action, but lurking in its rivers is perhaps its most elusive killer: the Goliath tigerfish. Legends say they are man-eaters, that even crocodiles fear them. Locals call them "demon fish" but angling legend Andy Coetzee calls them something else: an obsession. He dives into the predator-infested Okavango Delta and the treacherous Congo River on a mission to finally land what is considered to be the hardest fish in the world to catch.

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