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Did You Know Assault Drones Were Used in WWII?

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Did You Know Assault Drones Were Used in WWII?

Short | 01:18

It's 1944, and the U.S. has a new weapon against the Japanese: a remote-controlled assault drone with a video link and the ability to carry a bomb. Here's what it looks like in action.


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Drones: they watch, analyze, even kill without ever risking a pilot's life. These unmanned aerial vehicles can be flown from anywhere on the globe and can get into places never before dreamed. They are widely used by military and civilians alike and can be seen almost everywhere, but exactly where, when, and how did these flying robots come to be? Join us as we follow drones over war zones, wildfires, and into aviation history as we detail their meteoric rise from yesterday's obscure wonder to today's global obsession.

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