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Did Wake Vortex Cause Flight 3272 to Lose Control?

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Did Wake Vortex Cause Flight 3272 to Lose Control?

Short | 02:09

NTSB investigators have a theory about the Comair Flight 3272 crash that happened on January 9, 1997, but they lack the aerodynamic expertise to analyze the data. Naturally, they turn to NASA.


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A blackened scar on a frozen field near Detroit marks the fatal impact zone of Flight 3272. The sudden loss of 29 lives leaves families in anguish and investigators perplexed. In search of answers, the NTSB turns to the FAA only to discover that federal regulators themselves may be part of the problem. Witness the stunning 1997 crash of this small commuter aircraft and discover how outdated ideas put pilots and passengers at risk.

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