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Did This Qantas Flight Computer Have a Mind of its Own?

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Did This Qantas Flight Computer Have a Mind of its Own?

Short | 03:58

Initial investigation into the loss of control on Qantas Flight 72 reveals a disturbing theory: the plane's fly-by-wire system may have sent rogue commands to the flight control surface.


    • Tuesday
    • 8:00pm
    Aug 27
    • Tuesday
    • 11:00pm
    Aug 27
    • Friday
    • 6:00pm
    Sep 27

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Qantas Airways Flight 72 cruises at 37,000 feet to Perth, Australia from Singapore. Suddenly, the highly automated A-330 fires off a series of contradictory warnings and repeatedly nosedives toward the Indian Ocean. Thanks to the heroic flying of a former fighter pilot, the accident does not end in all-out disaster, but the danger is far from over. With almost 600 A-330s in service around the globe, investigators must find out what went wrong before calamity strikes again.

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