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Did a Faulty Throttle Bring Down this Romanian Plane?

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Did a Faulty Throttle Bring Down this Romanian Plane?

Short | 03:04

A thorough examination of the service record of TAROM Flight 371 reveals multiple complaints about the plane?s auto-throttle system. Was this a factor in its fatal crash on March 31, 1995?


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    Oct 17
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    Oct 18
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How could a state-of-the-art airbus A-310, flown by two excellent pilots, crash less than two minutes after takeoff? Romanian investigators call in the FBI to determine if the crash of Tarom Flight 371 was a terrorist act, but the cockpit recording reveals the true reason for the disaster. Follow the tragic accident, from takeoff to its nosedive into a field just two miles from the airport, and see how zero visibility, a malfunctioning throttle, and a tragedy in the cockpit doomed the commercial jet.

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