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Crossing Off Reasons Why TransAsia Flight 235 Crashed

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Crossing Off Reasons Why TransAsia Flight 235 Crashed

Short | 03:09

A thorough examination of the wreckage of TransAsia Airways Flight 235 has so far failed to yield any clues about its February 4, 2015 crash. If NTSB investigators are going to arrive at answers, they'll need to expand their thinking.


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It was a state-of-the-art commuter plane making a simple one-hour flight from Taipei to a Taiwanese island off the coast of China. But within minutes of takeoff, TransAsia Flight 235 plunged into the Keelung River, killing all but 15 people on board. To determine the cause of the crash, investigators examine stunning footage captured by the dashcam of a passing car and uncover shocking evidence about the captain and even the airline itself.

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