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Cristobal Colon: The Super-Dredger

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»Cristobal Colon

Cristobal Colon: The Super-Dredger

Short | 02:54

Built to take on impossible missions, the first ever super dredger runs into problems on her maiden voyage.

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Cristobal Colon represents a whole new breed of massive construction vessels. She's a hi-tech ocean dredger, twice the size of her closest competitor, and can store over 1.5 million cubic feet of sand onboard. Follow this super-sized ship on her first mission: dredging and delivering 88 million cubic feet of sand from the sea floor to a construction site in Germany. It's an assignment no other dredger can handle, but up against a tight deadline and Germany's worst winter in 100 years, this job may even be too big for the biggest dredger ever built.

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