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The Weapon Hunter:

Could You Carry 100 Pounds of Patrol Gear?

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Could You Carry 100 Pounds of Patrol Gear?

Short | 02:16

Vietnam War infantry soldiers had to carry 80-100 lbs. of gear amid hot, humid, and dangerous surroundings. 'The Weapon Hunter' host Paul Shull gets a taste of that grueling experience.

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It's fast, ferocious, powerful, and ultra-rare. The mobile machine gun called the Quad 50 was one of the most punishing weapons of World War II, but it's rarely seen today. Host Paul Shull accepts the challenge to bring one back to life, but it may prove to be his toughest rebuild yet. Join him as he travels across North America, gathering rare parts and meeting an incredible bunch of collectors and gunsmiths to resurrect "The Meat Chopper."

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