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Africa's Predator Zones:

Intense: Lions and Buffalos Battle for Hours

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Intense: Lions and Buffalos Battle for Hours

Short | 03:21

Lions rely on teamwork to overwhelm their prey. It's the only way they're able to take down a fully grown male buffalo, which can weigh up to a 1,000 pounds.

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It's known as the coliseum of the wild: Savute. It's a small tract of land in the corner of Africa's vast desert, where three hunting zones meet at a dead end swamp surrounded by dense, thorny desert. Here, big cats meet big prey in the harshest of landscapes, and success depends on how well the predators adapt to the tough environment around them. Enter the warzone and watch as lions battle nomads to protect their territory, hyenas scavenge for easy meals, and a wily leopard quietly profits in the shadows.

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