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Cleopatra Suffered Two Calamitous Events in One Year

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From: Secrets
»Egypt's Apocalypse Volcano

Cleopatra Suffered Two Calamitous Events in One Year

Short | 03:14

In 44 BC, a series of calamities befell Egypt under Cleopatra: from a devastating drought that brought famine to the land, to a political fallout with the Roman empire after the death of Julius Caesar.


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Not only was Cleopatra's Roman lover and protector Julius Caesar murdered in 44 B.C., but the world itself seemed to have turned against her. Ominous celestial visions filled the skies, and Egypt became gripped by drought, famine, and disease. New evidence found in Greenland's ice sheets suggests the fall of ancient Egypt shouldn't entirely be linked to Cleopatra; it may have been hastened by a colossal volcanic eruption.

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