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Choosing Between Deadly Options on a Fiery Oil Rig

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»Oil Rig Explosion

Choosing Between Deadly Options on a Fiery Oil Rig

Short | 03:15

A deadly explosion aboard the Piper Alpha oil rig leaves the surviving crew scrambling to reach the evacuation helipad. But when they get there, they are stunned to find flames and smoke everywhere.

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The new engineer who must find a path to safety on a burning oil rig. The dive supervisor trying to shield 11 men from deadly fumes and flames. Two off-duty scaffolders who must brave a 17-story dive into the North Sea. These are just some of the harrowing stories of the 226 men caught in the 1988 explosion at Piper Alpha. Witness their tales and see how a series of split-second decisions and tragic twists of fate will determine who survives history's deadliest offshore accident.

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