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America's Mississippi:

Cameras Capture the Birth of 15 Alligators

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»The Bayou

Cameras Capture the Birth of 15 Alligators

Short | 03:19

Alligator hatchlings start their life with a challenge: emerging from their eggs, they instinctively head towards the water - but they need to be careful. Plenty of nearby creatures are looking for an easy meal.


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    • 8:00pm
    Dec 19
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    Dec 19
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    Dec 22

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From St. Louis down to the Gulf of Mexico, the Mississippi River is an unstoppable force, gathering water from its many tributaries like the Missouri and Ohio Rivers to produce the greatest flow of water in the United States. Follow the final stage of the Mississippi as it powers through the Deep South and a maze of bayous. See how the water shapes the landscapes as it completes its march to the ocean and how its inhabitants, great and small, adapt to life on the wild side.

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