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Bursting into Flames Before Takeoff

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»Caution to the Wind

Bursting into Flames Before Takeoff

Short | 01:56

Hurtling down the runway to beat an incoming typhoon, chaos ensues with Singapore Airlines Flight 006 suddenly catches fire.


    • Monday
    • 12:00am
    Feb 05
    • Wednesday
    • 6:00pm
    Feb 28

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As a typhoon bears down on Taiwan, Singapore Airlines Flight 006 hurtles down the runway through high winds and rain. But before it even leaves the ground, the 747 erupts in a fireball, fed by thousands of gallons of fuel, killing almost half of the passengers. Buckle up as we piece together the details of this air disaster. The shocking investigation may make you rethink where you sit the next time you board a plane.

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