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Pioneers Turned Millionaires:

Boeing's Fixation with Flight Made Him a Millionaire

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»William Edward Boeing

Boeing's Fixation with Flight Made Him a Millionaire

Short | 02:11

It was William Boeing's obsession with getting a ride in one of the brand new flying machines of his day that lead to the foundation of his own airplane company.

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His path was a continual journey into the unknown, but William Boeing's life story is one of amazing ascent, from a trouble-making child shipped off to a Swiss boarding school to a starry-eyed adult who reached for the skies when few others dared. Boeing's journey was marked by turbulence and triumphs on his long path to creating a global enterprise. Take your seat as we follow the seminal moments of a life driven by passion, not profits, and a career that influenced the events of World War I, the Prohibition-era, and the Great Depression.

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