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Blackbeard Wasn't Only Looking for Gold

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From: Secrets
»Blackbeard's Ship

Blackbeard Wasn't Only Looking for Gold

Short | 04:07

La Concordia was an integral vessel in the transatlantic slave trade route. When Blackbeard sieged it, he took on some unexpected crew members.


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Blackbeard's ship, "Queen Anne's Revenge", was once the most feared vessel ever to sail the high seas. In 1718, she sank off the North Carolina coast, bringing an end to her six-month reign of terror. Now, nautical archaeologists, historians, and scientists are studying the remains of a wreckage believed to be the infamous flagship. Follow their investigation as they comb through records and artifacts to answer a 300-year-old question: Was "Queen Anne's Revenge" the victim of an accident...or sabotage committed by Blackbeard himself?

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