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Million Dollar American Princesses:

Becoming a Million Dollar American Princess

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Becoming a Million Dollar American Princess

Short | 02:26

Actor Roanna Davidson walks us through the challenges and delights of becoming Winnaretta Singer, the provocative heir to a major sewing machine fortune and one of the bold women featured in season 2 of Million Dollar American Princesses.

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Join Elizabeth McGovern as she takes an in-depth look at the young American heiresses whose real life stories inspired the acclaimed TV drama "Downton Abbey." This series takes you from the late 1800s, when daughters of America's new industrial millionaires marry into the money-strapped British aristocracy, to the 20th century, when a new kind of American Princess wields power not through wealth, but through character, style, and wit. Through the decades, these women bring dramatic change to the European aristocracy and eventually the world.


  • Clara Ward
  • Wallis Simpson
  • Mary Leiter
  • Gloria Swanson
  • Consuelo Vanderbilt
  • Elizabeth McGovern, Actor and Presenter
  • Grace Kelly
  • Frances Work
  • Winnaretta Singer
  • Jennie Jerome
  • Sara Murphy
  • Peggy Guggenheim
  • Consuelo Yznaga
  • Kathleen
  • Clara Ward

    Clara Ward

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    Clara Ward (June 17, 1873--December 9, 1916) was the daughter of a wealthy Michigan industrialist who died in 1875, when she was just two years old. Early on in her life, she displayed a rebellious streak, getting herself kicked out of several European finishing schools, as well as a convent.

    In 1890, Clara married Joseph Caraman, the 19th Prince of Chimay. The couple had two children together, but Ward soon became bored and conducted numerous affairs. It was only when she ran off with a Hungarian violinist, Rigo Jancsi that her husband divorced her and banned her from seeing her children.

    Free from the shackles of convention, Ward proceeded to scandalize high society with her exhibitionist pursuits: performing in various states of undress at the Folies Bergere, an infamous Paris nightclub, and trading nude photographs of herself for money. Her family responded by cutting her off from her inheritance.

    Ward's erratic behavior eventually took its toll on her relationship, and in 1904, she and Rigo separated. She married twice more, to a waiter and then a railway man. In 1916, Clara passed way, aged just 43.

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