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Fighting Irish of the Civil War:

How The Battle of Fair Oaks Broke The Confederate

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How The Battle of Fair Oaks Broke The Confederate

Short | 03:07

In May of 1861, at the Battle of Fair Oaks, the men of the Irish Brigade gave their all to save the Union Army from disaster.

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It wasn't long after the Civil War began that Lincoln knew he was in for a fight. For the North to prevail, it would need the efforts of its immigrants. The Irish Brigade was the brainchild of a charismatic revolutionary, Thomas Francis Meagher, who years ago in Ireland was sentenced to death by the English and later exiled to Australia. Embraced by Irish Americans as a rebel, Meagher rallied his people and they flocked to the Union banner. For the first 18 months of the Civil War, they fought with remarkable courage in battle after battle.

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