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Apocalypse: The Second World War:

Battle for Stalingrad

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»The World Ablaze

Battle for Stalingrad

Short | 01:47

In one of the most brutal attacks of the war that involved air bombings, hand-to hand combat and resulted in thousands of casualties, as the Germans made a push to the banks of the Volga River, near the industrial heartland of the USSR.


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Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The tragic images of the US Navy fleet burning and sinking at anchor have been engraved in memory as Roosevelt's "date which will live in infamy." Now, for the first time, see Japanese pilots and crewmen waking up in the predawn hours of December 7, 1941, as they prepare to attack their powerful neighbor across the ocean. In 1941 it is anything but obvious, but the tide has already begun to turn against the Axis powers.

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