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Are These Ruins Part of the Rumored Second Taj Mahal?

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»Taj Mahal

Are These Ruins Part of the Rumored Second Taj Mahal?

Short | 03:18

The rumor of a never-completed second Taj Mahal dates back to the days of the mausoleum's construction. But new archeological research may put the rumors to rest.

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The Taj Mahal in Agra, India is a World Wonder, famed for its near perfect symmetry. It is the world's greatest tourist attraction, and arguably the greatest public declaration of lost love ever created. Over the last 350 years, it has spawned numerous tall tales, perhaps the most famous myth of all: that its creator, the heart-broken Moghul ruler Shah Jahan planned to build a black marble twin of the Taj. Is this one of the greatest lost buildings in history or Indian legend? Join us as scholars, archeologists and excavators dig up the truth.

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