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Angkor: Land of the Gods:

Angkor: Land of the Gods: Sneak Peek

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Angkor: Land of the Gods: Sneak Peek

Short | 02:00

The city of Angkor was once the capital of the Khmer Empire and the largest city in the world. Now visit the ruins of the majestic Angkor Wat and the city's other 1,200 temples with host Yul Kwan.

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Buddhists, Hindus, and hundreds of thousands of travelers from around the globe flock to Cambodia every year to experience the grandeur of Angkor. Its famous temples were built over the span of five centuries by the rulers of the Khmer Empire, and endure today as one of Earth's greatest archaeological wonders. Join us as we shed light on one of the most enigmatic, mesmerizing civilizations in the history of mankind. We peel away the myth and legend to uncover the hidden story behind the creation of this ancient city.

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