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Fishing for Giants:

Andy Coetzee Risks His Life to Catch a Nile Perch

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»The Nile Swallower

Andy Coetzee Risks His Life to Catch a Nile Perch

Short | 02:46

Murchison Falls in Uganda is one of the most treacherous fishing spots in the world even for the most capable fisherman. Naturally, Andy Coetzee is up for the challenge.

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Angling legend Andy Coetzee heads to Central Africa in search of a leviathan--a fish that legends say can swallow a man and grow to be as heavy as a sumo wrestler. Catching a Nile perch is a fisherman's dream, but finding one could become a nightmare for Andy. Join him as he ventures deep into Uganda and the wilderness European explorers called "Darkest Africa." It's an epic battle against angry waters, hippos, crocodiles, and a fish that has no intentions of being caught.

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