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Ancient Egyptian Tombs Were Crammed Full of Snacks

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From: Secrets
»Tut's Last Mission

Ancient Egyptian Tombs Were Crammed Full of Snacks

Short | 02:31

Ancient Egyptians believed death was an extension of life, and had many of the same demands. That?s why tombs like those of Tutankhamun were packed with preserved foods like dates, meat, and poultry.


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Tutankhamun's tomb remains the greatest archaeological find of all time. For almost a century, its dazzling treasures have told the story of the Boy King's short life. As all 5,000 artifacts from his tomb are being brought together at the Grand Egyptian Museum, a far stranger tale is emerging of the young pharaoh's supernatural experiences after death. Join Egyptologists as they gather evidence and attempt to decode the secrets of Tut's underworld adventure.

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