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Epic Yellowstone:

An Otter Mom Guides Her Pups Across Snowy Terrain

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»Down the River Wild

An Otter Mom Guides Her Pups Across Snowy Terrain

Short | 03:25

When the Yellowstone River gets too dangerous to swim in, an otter mom leads her pups across icy terrain to a calmer section of the river - a journey that's sped up by their sliding skills, across the snow.


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    Mar 01
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    Mar 02
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    Mar 04

More About This episode

Yellowstone River is the longest undammed river in the contiguous 48 states, flowing with a wildness that is both violent and vital to the creatures that are drawn to its banks. From Yellowstone Lake, North America's largest high-elevation body of water, to the Missouri River, follow its nearly 700-mile journey over falls and through canyons into America's heartland. See how Yellowstone's bison, otters, coyotes, and thrill-seekers adapt to--and thrive in--these wild, untamed waters.

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