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Alien Life Should Be Rooted in Science, Not Stories

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»The Rendlesham Incident

Alien Life Should Be Rooted in Science, Not Stories

Short | 02:20

Seth Shostak, senior astronomer and director at the Center for SETI Research, shares why it's important to approach the search for alien life from a scientist's perspective--through evidence and data.

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In 1980, Britain's most significant UFO sightings occurred in the woods between two U.S. NATO Air Force bases. Documented accounts of the events, including one lieutenant colonel's remarkable audio recording, argue that some kind of phenomena appeared, but what? Join us as we study declassified military reports, interview UFO experts, and bring some of the witnesses back to the site more than 30 years later. We determine if their accounts were influenced by the stress of an intensifying Cold War or if there's another, otherworldly explanation.

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