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The Pacific War in Color:

Actual Combat Footage of the Battle of the Philippines Sea

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»The Enemy Underground

Actual Combat Footage of the Battle of the Philippines Sea

Short | 03:19

Relive the aerial dogfights and naval clashes of the Battle of the Philippines Sea, thanks to stunning color footage. It is a visual record of the battle that underlined U.S. superiority in the Pacific.


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After a disastrous start, Admiral Chester Nimitz's island-hopping campaign across the Central Pacific has gained momentum and led his men to their largest and most important target yet: Saipan in the Mariana Islands. The nearly month-long battle on this island featured mountain sieges, Banzai attacks, white-knuckled dogfights, and escalating tensions between the U.S. Army and Marines. Color combat footage and testimony from the soldiers who were there bring this seminal moment of the Pacific War to life.

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