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A Woolly Mammoth Autopsy Turns Frantic

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A Woolly Mammoth Autopsy Turns Frantic

Short | 02:24

Scientists only have three days to examine this 40,000-year-old animal's body before it has to be refrozen to prevent rotting. In these 72 hours, what secrets can they learn from the mammoth's icy flesh?

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The Siberian discovery of the best-preserved woolly mammoth on record has teams of experts working around the globe, and around the clock, on some of the most ambitious projects in science. In Russia, paleontologists are conducting a historic autopsy on the 40,000-year-old beast to find out how it lived, and how it died. Meanwhile labs in South Korea and at Harvard University are using the latest advances in DNA manipulation in hopes of cloning the furry giant and introducing it to the modern world.

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