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Hell Below:

A Torpedo Malfunction Threatens to Destroy a U.S. Submarine

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»In Enemy Waters

A Torpedo Malfunction Threatens to Destroy a U.S. Submarine

Short | 02:34

The USS Silversides is patrolling the Pacific during WWII when it finds itself in a terrifying situation: one of its torpedoes has jammed and is dangling out in the water, ready to explode.


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USS Silversides and its swashbuckling skipper, Creed Burlingame, saw their first action in the Pacific in May 1942. More than a dozen patrols later, the sub now rests in Muskegon, Michigan as a museum, an ongoing testament to its extraordinary history. Witness one of Silversides' most dramatic missions: aiding Marines in Guadalcanal by keeping Japanese reinforcements from reaching the island. It's an assignment fraught with depth charge attacks and aerial bombardments that nearly ended the mission and its crew.

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