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Secrets of the Third Reich:

A Top Nazi's Ill-Advised, Racist Hopes of British Peace

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»The Hess Enigma

A Top Nazi's Ill-Advised, Racist Hopes of British Peace

Short | 02:08

Rudolf Hess was Hitler's right-hand man. But his belief that fighting Britain was a mistake led him on a foolhardy mission to negotiate peace with them, earning the Fuhrer's wrath.


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Mystery and intrigue continue to swirl around Hitler's right-hand man, Rudolf Hess, more than a quarter of a century after his death. Why did he abandon the Reich at the height of its power? How immersed was he into alternative medicine and was his death truly a suicide? We reexamine the life of the Deputy Fuhrer and follow his delusional and dangerous "mission of humanity" that helped turn the tide of World War II.

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