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A Secret Report Reveals the Bakersfield Crash Truth

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»Roswell Report

A Secret Report Reveals the Bakersfield Crash Truth

Short | 02:40

In 1986, something crashed into the desert outside Bakersfield, CA. The government quickly imposed a lockdown on the area--arousing the suspicion of UFO investigators.


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A rancher finds crash debris in the New Mexico desert on a summer night in 1947 and takes the mysterious materials to the authorities. The military calls it a crashed flying saucer, but then curiously changes its story overnight. Why? Welcome to Roswell, home of one of the most talked about UFO incidents in history and the most controversial. Join us as we apply 21st-century analysis to this 20th-century mystery in an attempt to either debunk decades of conspiracy theories or prove that we are indeed not alone in the universe.

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