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A Secret Refuge for Elk Thought to Be Extinct

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A Secret Refuge for Elk Thought to Be Extinct

Short | 02:06

As many as 500,000 tule elk once roamed the coast of California, but they were hunted to extinction in the mid-1860s. Or so we thought...


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Some are vital sanctuaries for endangered species. Some can only be reached by plane. All are magnificent. These are the untamed pockets of the U.S. protected by the Wilderness Act of 1964. Take a cross-country flight over icy landscapes in Alaska's Denali, vast wetlands in Florida's Everglades, and over 100 million acres of badlands, deserts, and mountains where nature rules. Then learn how the nation's wildest places are tied to America's native history, its pioneering spirit, its extraordinary leaders, and its untouched beauty.

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