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Catching Killers:

A Paternity Test for Plants

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»Plant Evidence

A Paternity Test for Plants

Short | 03:28

When the only evidence in a murder case is a set of seed pods, forensic botanists extract DNA material from the pods to genetically match it to a tree near where the victim was found.

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The son of Charles Lindbergh, America's favorite aviator, is kidnapped and murdered in 1932. The crime grips the nation and baffles police. It also catches the attention of a mild mannered wood expert from Wisconsin whose expertise will blow the case wide open and establish the science of forensic botany. Discover how a simple slat of wood helped catch the man who killed "The Eaglet." Then see how, 60 years later, plant evidence in a man's truck is used to link him to an Arizona woman found murdered by a cluster of Palo Verde trees.

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