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Disasters at Sea:

A Passenger Faces Terrifying Choices on a Burning Ship

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A Passenger Faces Terrifying Choices on a Burning Ship

Short | 02:49

A man finds himself trapped in the cargo deck of the Norman Atlantic on December 28, 2014, with a fire bearing down on him. He has to make a decision: stay and evade the flames or jump into the sea.


    • Tuesday
    • 10:00pm
    Jun 02
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    Jun 03
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    Jul 18

More About This episode

Passenger ferry MS Norman Atlantic is fighting its way through a brutal winter storm when, just a few hours into its 20-hour journey from Greece to Italy, the vessel bursts into flames. With a crew poorly trained to handle emergencies and some of the life rafts destroyed by fire or launched too soon, passengers are left to fend for themselves against a growing inferno. Follow the events of the 2014 maritime disaster as they unfold, including the investigation to find out what started the fire and why it spread so quickly.

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