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A Native American Sculpture That's Larger Than Life

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A Native American Sculpture That's Larger Than Life

Short | 02:33

?The Eagle and the Chief? is a striking example of contemporary native American art. Carved from Alaskan red cedar, it?s 22 feet tall and weighs around 3,000 pounds.


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Of the millions of artifacts on display and tucked away at the Smithsonian Institutions, some objects are bigger than others and even supersized. From a 60-pound salamander to a 17-foot-long beard, follow a few lucky visitors as they're taken behind the scenes to encounter some larger-than-life items. Then follow other visitors go on two off-site adventures as one gets a lesson in 22-foot tall totem-pole carving and the other encounters the fossils of a prehistoric, 500 pound sloth.

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