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A Mystery Substance Wreaks Havoc on Flight 780

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»Deadly Descent

A Mystery Substance Wreaks Havoc on Flight 780

Short | 03:16

Lab analysis reveals that a faulty valve on Cathay Pacific Flight 780 is an absorbent polymer, used in refueling trucks to prevent water from getting into the aircraft fuel tanks. So how did it end up in the aircraft?


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Just twenty minutes from touching down in Hong Kong from Indonesia, a sudden engine malfunction transforms an airbus A330 into a 200-ton glider. The plane appears destined to ditch into the South China Sea unless the captain can come up with a better plan. Miraculously, he does. Witness the emergency landing of Cathay Pacific Flight 780, and hear from the pilots and crew who somehow found a way to beat the odds and save the lives of all 322 people on board.

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