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A Leopard Cub Gets On-the-Job Training from Mom

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A Leopard Cub Gets On-the-Job Training from Mom

Short | 03:42

It?s time for Malika the leopard to take her cub on a hunt and to teach her the art of ambushing prey. But will the cub learn quickly ? or will the duo end the day empty-handed?

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Malika is the leopard queen of Africa's Luangwa River--the resident of a six square mile sector of Zambia for five years and counting. While she is the top hunter in her realm, her skills have attracted the unwanted attention of a pack of bandit hyenas and a large male leopard looking to steal her hard-earned conquests. Follow this master huntress as she shifts tactics and targets from day to night in order to make enough kills for herself and her cub.

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