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A Honey Badger and Mole Snake Fight to the Death

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A Honey Badger and Mole Snake Fight to the Death

Short | 02:04

A hungry honey badger and a fearless mole snake are locked in a deadly battle, with survival at stake. Both animals know enough to target each other's weak spot: the head.

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On the harsh and unforgiving plains of central Namibia, Africa, a young honey badger named Grit has just left home to venture out in the great, wide world, but it won't be easy. Fewer than half of all young honey badgers survive their first few weeks on their own, as they deal with intense heat, starvation, and round-the-clock threats from the many predators of the savannah. In a world where every day is as relentless as the last, Grit will need resourcefulness, resilience, and a little bit of luck in order to survive.

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