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A Gas Station Flying in the Clouds

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»Omega 707

A Gas Station Flying in the Clouds

Short | 01:54

Observe the delicate, midair meeting between the Omega 707, an aerial refueling tanker, and a fighter jet. This kind of precise flying is when a pilot's skills are truly tested.

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Hit the air with flying gas station Omega, a commercial aircraft turned tanker, built to refuel U.S. fighter jets while they are in flight. Follow this modified Boeing 707 as it lends support on a three-day U.S. Navy and Marine Corps exercise. Witness the midair rendezvous between aerial refueling tanker and fighter jet. The slightest bit of turbulence or the smallest human error can prove fatal. On this mission, however, it's a mechanical issue that puts the entire operation, and Omega's reputation, in jeopardy.

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