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A Fracking Watchdog Holds Local Government Responsible

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»The Bakken Drag Race

A Fracking Watchdog Holds Local Government Responsible

Short | 01:44

Jim Fuglie, former North Dakota Tourism Director, welcomes the economic prosperity the Bakken oil boom brought to the state. But he's wary of how amenable local government has been to the oil companies.

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Pressure is the name of the game in the Bakken and everyone's feeling it in more ways than one. In the oilfields, mechanical issues have brought work to a grinding halt and Justin and other crew leaders are under the gun to find a solution. Meanwhile, new residents, such as pump inspector Tony Miller, struggle to find decent housing, while others, like trucker Haley Mindt and her fiancee, Larysa, just want to make a decent living in what has quickly become one of the most expensive places to live in the U.S.

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