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Into the Wild India:

A Fox?s Joy in Finding Fresh Meat is Short-Lived

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»Wild Horses of the Himalayas

A Fox?s Joy in Finding Fresh Meat is Short-Lived

Short | 03:10

A red fox stumbles across a treasure trove of nutrition: the carcass of a freshly killed yak. But nearby tracks reveal that its killer isn?t far away ? and wouldn?t take kindly to an intruder.

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It's January on the Himalayan plateau, and winter has an icy grip on the landscape. Here, an old stallion faces the toughest year of his life. At 15-years-old, Dorje, a kiang or Tibetan wild ass, is no longer the powerful stallion he once was. Finding enough food to survive the harsh weather can be a struggle. When the snow finally gives way to summer, he faces a new challenge: outwit younger, stronger males in the battle to breed. This may be Dorje's last chance to sire offspring, so he must fight like his life depends on it.

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